New Osprey Deep Clean ProVap Evo Vac Steam Vacuum

Every Tile Doctor has a range of tools and equipment they can bring to a job. Here at Warwickshire Tile Doctor we recently invested in a new ProVap Evo Vac Steam Vacuum machine from Osprey, a leading supplier of efficient industrial steam cleaning equipment in the UK.

Osprey Deep Clean ProVap Evo Vac Steam Vacuum

Steam cleaning is an environmental cleaning solution and ideal for general cleaning, sanitation and degreasing, it’s also a powerful tool for dealing with stains that are proving particularly tricky to shift. The ProVap Evo Vac runs on domestic 230v electricity so it’s ideal for tackling domestic and commercial jobs, it also pumps out 9 bars of steam pressure so as you can image it’s ideally suited to Health and Residential care environments and clean rooms where the fight against MRSA and other “Superbugs” are a big concern.

Environmental Steam Deep Tile Cleaning

Removing Grout Haze from Slate Tile Flooring

You may remember a previous Limestone floor job we did for a Mrs Schwartz from Stourbridge, well true to her word she invited us back to clean and seal the slate tile flooring in her hallway which had been left with grout smears (aka grout haze) on the surface after tiling. Grout smears can be removed however if the floor is sealed it’s necessary to remove the sealer first.

Slate Hallway Before Cleaning

Cleaning Grout Haze off Slate Tile Flooring

To remove the sealer and clean off the grout smears we used a 50/50 mix of Tile Doctor Remove and Go combined with Nanotech Ultra-Clean for added effect, the solution was left to dwell on the surface of the slate for 15 minutes to break down the polymers in the grout. The next step was to turn on a high pressure spinner tool which is a very effective cleaning tool on its own; the water from the spinner tool also washes away any chemicals and neutralises the floor ready for sealing.

Slate Hallway Before Cleaning

Sealing Slate Tiles

We speed dried the slate tile flooring using a number of industrial fans and applied three coats of Tile Doctor Seal and Go which offers a good combination of stain resistance with a low sheen finish that brings out the natural colours in the slate.

Slate Hallway After Cleaning and Sealing Slate Hallway After Cleaning and Sealing


Cleaning and Sealing Slate Tile Flooring in Stourbridge