Removing Marks from a Limestone Tiled Floor in Stourbridge

We often get called to sort out problems left behind by Tilers and this case was no exception. This Limestone tiled floor in the kitchen of a house in the historic town of Stourbridge had been sealed using a cloth and resulted in visible wipe marks being left behind in the top surface seal.

Removing the Sealer from Limestone Tiles

To resolve we had to cut back the surface using a set of twister burnishing pads, these diamond encrusted pads come in a number of different colours each one does a different job from scrubbing to polishing.

Limestone Floor Before Polishing Limestone Floor Before Burnishing

Polishing and Sealing the Limestone Floor

The next step was to re-seal the floor which was done using one coat of Tile Doctor Colour Grow which really brings out the colour in a stone floor. This was followed by the application of Tile Doctor Shine Powder which is a crystallising powder that leaves a very high shine and tough durable finish.

Limestone Floor After Polishing Limestone Floor After Polish and Seal

The job took a whole day to complete and the owner was so pleased with the results she left the following comments:

Mick was very professional and so enthusiastic about his work. He was genuinely determined to the very best job and has transformed our dull lifeless limestone floor. We are delighted with the results. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he went beyond our expectations. I have booked him in for next week to clean our slate hall floor. Excellent!

Mrs Schwartz, Stourbridge


Limestone Tiled Floor Restoration in Stourbridge

Limestone Floor Tiles Polished

Limestone Floor Tiles Polished to a deep shine

Great photograph below of a Limestone floor in the kitchen of a house near Coventry. The Limestone had lost it’s shine after the application of a surface sealing “Clean and Shine” type product; the problem was akin to the application of a wax finish which in turn had been contaminated with cleaning product and soil underneath. The grout line has also become heavily soiled through everyday use.

Cleaning Limestone Floor Tile

First the Limestone tiled floor was dry vacuumed to remove loose grit; we also took to opportunity to remove the kitchen unit kick boards. This was followed by a good clean with a 1:5 mix of Tile Doctor Pro-Clean which was left to dwell for 15 minutes before the application of a stiff grout brush on on the grout lines followed by the use of a slow speed buffing machine to break up the surface wax on the tile. The whole are was rinsed down using high pressure clean water via a spinner tool which removed any left over dirt from the grout lines.

The next step was to use the diamond encrusted burnishing pads system to prepare and condition the limestone floor tiles prior to polishing.

Before and After photos of a Polished Limestone Floor Tiles

Before and After

Adding that deep shine to Limestone Tiled Floors

We then applied Tile Doctor Shine Powder using a White buffing pad to provide that extra deep shine you can see in the photograph, it also provides and tough durable finish.

Limestone Tiled Floor Cleaning and Polishing

Granite Worktop

Adding Shine to a Granite Worktop

We don’t just clean tiled floors at Tile Doctor we also cover stone worktops including Marble and Granite. In the example below we were called to a customer near Leamington Spa who had tried a number of different products in order to achieve a glossy shine.

Granite Worktop showing a dull matt finish

Granite Worktop Before

We applied Tile Doctor Pro-Clean sprayed on to the work area to breakdown the previous products that had been applied.

Granite Worktop after being sealed

Granite Worktop After

The Granite worktop was high pressure steamed vacuumed and then left to dry before being sealed with an impregnating stone enhancer with extra darkening action which intensifies the natural colour and also masks defects and imperfections in the stone. The Granite was then buffed to get that real deep shine.